Fine colors and forms of these well known garden perennials are now an important plant with the florist for cut flowers during winter. They are all varieties of A. majus, the old-fashioned snapdragon. If a particular variety is desired it must be propagated by cuttings in late spring, kept over summer in pots and planted in five inches of soil on the benches in September or October. Fine strains are more often raised from seed, which can be sown in April and kept in pots during summer till put on the benches in September. If sown in the fall they are slow in coming into flower. Of course, either from cuttings or seeds, they must be kept from flowering during summer.

Such soil as you would use for your carnations and a night temperature of 45 to 50 degrees will suit them. Give them the fullest light and ventilation on all favorable occasions. As a border plant see Hardy Perennials.

Antirrhinum Cut with Four foot Stems.

Antirrhinum Cut with Four-foot Stems.