Some of these are tall, robust plants, others like the Vernon type are dwarf and very free flowering. The former is well represented by semperflorens gigantea rosea and it is in flower about the whole year. Semperflorens varieties are most numerous, are easily raised from seed and their flowers borne so constantly and profusely are from pure white through all shades of pink to scarlet.

The dwarf semperflorens Vernon type are splendid bedding plants. This may not be the case in the hotter and dryer parts of the country but in the northeastern states we can bear witness to their great excellence for this purpose.

A bed of Erfordii in the broad sun we will not soon forget. Its dark bronzy foliage and deep pink flowers and splendid compact habit made it as handsome as any geranium bed and far more interesting. Undoubtedly they are fine bedding plants and should be used more extensively.

They all root easily from cuttings, but for bedding plants sow seed in November or December, transplant into flats as soon as large enough to handle, and later into 2 1/2 or 3-inch pots.