These were very popular some thirty or forty years ago. They are bulbous or tuberous-rooted, and are allied to the gloxinia and achimines. Being natives of central and south tropical America they must be kept warm, when growing as well as resting. The resting given them in our northern greenhouses corresponds to the dry season in their native climes, but when resting, which should always be in the pots and soil in which they were growing, they must not be allowed to get dust dry, and if resting in a warm house should be given water once a week. Stems will start from the tubers or root stalks and it is then time to encourage growth. They should be started in small pots of light soil half loam and half leaf-mold and sand and need little water till they are growing strongly. They must be shifted as they grow and when in full leaf will take an abundance of water and even liquid manure.

The gesnera is rather more a foliage than flowering plant, and not a florists' plant, yet a beautiful choice plant for the amateur greenhouse or lover of plants.