There are many species of gypsophila, but paniculata is certainly the most valuable for the florist. It is a perennial herb, with much divided flower stalk, about two feet high in finely divided panicles. It adds greatly to the beauty and variety of a rockwork or hardy garden, yet it is as a flower to lighten up and give grace to a summer bouquet that its chief value to the florist is found. A few sprays of G. paniculata in a bouquet of asters has the same effect that our sweet stevia has in December among a bunch of the formal chrysanthemums. Only last summer we were impressed with the exquisite beauty of this lowly plant, with its mist-like flowers, when associated with flowers of more solid and formal design. Every florist should have a good patch of it on his place, for it will appeal to all his customers of refined taste and help out with what otherwise would be a stiff and commonplace-looking bouquet. Any ordinary well drained spot in the garden will grow it. It is raised from seed or divisions.