A genus of tropical evergreen shrubs having very pretty flowers, mostly white, pink and orange. They are sometimes used as greenhouse plants for summer decoration, but it is as flower garden plants that we use them. Our summer climate suits them finely and they grow very freely. They cannot be used for any set design, but for the mixed border, or even in a mass, they are effective. The odor of the leaf is not at all agreeable and the flower is useless for cutting, but for all that it is a very desirable, free growing and flowering summer plant.

It is troubled with no insects or diseases and thrives in any ordinary compost. Grow a plant or two of each of the most desirable varieties in 4-inch or 5-inch pots over summer plunged outside and at the approach of frost bring them in and store in any house where the temperature does not go below 50 degrees. After New Year's cut these plants back a little and start in a warmer house, and keep syringed. You will soon have a number of young shoots, which root readily in our ordinary propagating bed. From the time you bring in the plants in the fall till you start them growing, keep them rather dry. We sell them in 3-inch pots, which are large enough, as they grow very fast when planted out.