This is a very pretty little free-flowing plant that has been largely crowded out by other perhaps more showy plants. It makes in one season a compact little plant from eight inches to a foot in height, with small shining leaves and profusely covered with small, tubular, scarlet, yellow-tipped flowers. We used to grow it for selling in pots, but many a hundred we cut up and used in baskets and cut flowers. A greenhouse temperature of about 50 degrees suits it well.

The terminal growths or the young breaks of the cut down plants root readily in winter and when planted out at the end of May in good, light loam, grow nicely during summer. It needs little pinching, as its growth is branching. They lift well in September and by the holidays are in full flower. They are so easily raised from cuttings that plants are not worth keeping the second year.

L. floribunda is the species we grew for years, but a great improvement on that is L. Penrhosiensis.