These are useful to us for summer climbers and thrive in our hottest suns. M. Barclayana is best sown in early March in a heat of about 55 to 60 degrees. When large enough to handle pot into 2-inch. In this size they are large enough for our baskets, but if wanted for outside climbing can be shifted into 3-inch and must have a small stake or they get sadly tangled up. They make a very quick growth and cover quickly a small trellis. The flower is not conspicuous, being of a greenish color, about two inches long.

M. scandens, often called Lophosper-mum scandens, is a larger leaved, stronger growing climber, and one of the very best vines for our vases. The flowers are pinkish violet. This can be raised from seed precisely as we do M. Barclayana, but we prefer to take a few cuttings from outside plants in the fall and grow on during winter. It roots easily from any part of the growth and by this means we get much more serviceable plants for use in large vases and veranda boxes. They winter very well in 50 degrees, but grow faster, when you want to propagate, in 60 degrees.