As a boy I thought there were very few plants so beautiful as M. luteus (monkey flower). I don't think so now, but its yellow and spotted flower is very attractive. Our hot summers do not suit it planted out. It is often treated as an annual and can be raised from seed sown in early spring. Or it can be kept over winter and propagated by cuttings. In a shaded, moist place it will do well planted out, and in a liberal size of pot in a cool house it would thrive, and when well grown its showy flowers will sell it.

M. moschatus is the common musk plant, which in some cities is a great market plant, but in many of our cities is scarcely ever seen. It also likes to be away from the hot sun. Good light soil and partial shade and moisture suit it well. It can be raised from seed, which is very small and needs no covering, but it is a perennial, and if you have a few plants carried over winter as dormant roots you can shake them out in early March and start growing in a warm greenhouse. As they grow small pieces can be taken and two or three of them put around the edge of a 3-inch or 4-inch pot, which they will soon cover with their fast creeping growth. In this way you can rapidly make any number of salable pots. They never want the cutting bed.