Plant the same as the Blackberry.

* Lucretia

-- Ripens a few days in advance of the blackberry, and is productive of large, fine flavored, luscious fruit without any core. A very desirable berry for the home use for all purposes, especially valuable for the table, where it will be highly appreciated for its large size, beautiful color and superb flavor. It is also profitable as a market berry and is grown extensively for this purpose by many large fruit growers, becoming more popular each year. A very important consideration in the growing of the Dewberry, and very seldom practiced, is training the vines to wires, very similar to the manner in which grapes are grown. It is surprising how this fruit is improved in quality and quantity by this mode of growing. You are enabled to ripen the fruit much earlier, the sun being allowed to reach all sides of the fruit

-- as it cannot do if they are allowed to grow in the old style of trailing on the ground. Another advantage is the fruit can be kept perfectly clean, an important matter and very essential in the sale of fruit.

* Austin's Imp roved

-- A variety from Texas, where for several years it has far surpassed all other sorts in size and productiveness. Berries glossy black, extra large, superior quality, sweet and melting to the center. N. Y. Exp. Station and others give excellent reports of their trials of it in the north.