We must consider the location in which we are going to plant. There are many shade trees that will thrive and do well on the home grounds, but when employed for street planting are complete failures. Great care should be exercised in this respect with planting in cities where we have such a great amount of gas as there are a great many species which are unable to resist its poisonous effects. I have very often observed, especially in New York City, the great quantity of beautiful trees that have been destroyed of their beauty by these gaseous effects. I have particularly noticed that the family of Poplars make the most desirable trees for street planting in cities, where it is quite natural that trees must undergo considerable abuse and neglect. The elms are a beautiful family of trees and make fine, lofty shade trees for street or avenue planting, but are susceptible to that very destructive creature, Galercua Luteola (Elm Leaf Beetle), which will in a short time defoliate the tree, and if not kept under control it will eventually kill it. Consequently we can readily understand the great risk in using mis grand old tree for street planting. The Maples are very desirable for this purpose, being free from the attacks of insects which is a valuable commendation in their favor. Owing to their beautiful Autumnal tints they make a very beautiful showing as a street or avenue ornament.