The Japan Maples are so distinct in size, foliage and growth from the other maples and ornamental trees that we place them in a group by themselves. They are an exceedingly beautiful and interesting class of trees, their dwarf habit, varied and handsome foliage fit them for a place even on the smallest lawn. These can be supplied in quite an extended list and great variety of form. They comprise varieties with bright and dark red, yellow and green, and variegated leaves; finely cut, lobed and serrated foliage, dwarf growers requiring but little room. For beauty of coloring they are unsurpassed; for effective grouping and display they are unrivaled There are a large number of other Japan Maples but in this climate we have found only those named below to be reliable and worthy of the expense incurred in purchasing them.

* How to Plant

-- These trees should be planted in the same way as recommended for the other shade trees and shrubs. They are semi-dwarf trees and when planted in groups should be set twelve to fifteen feet apart.

* Acer, Polymorphum (Japan Maple)

-- The normal form of type, foliage small, five lobed and of a bright cheerful green in Spring and Summer, changing to a dark crimson in Autumn.

* Acer, Atropurpureum (Purple Leaved Japan Maple).

-- Foliage dark purple and finely cut. The hardiest of the Japan maples.

Acer, Sanguineum (Blood Leaved Japan Maple).

-- Of dwarf habit, foliage, serrated; blood red in June. One of the best of the family of Japan Maples.

* Acer, Ampelopsilobum (SevenLobed Japan Maple).

-- A handsome tree with green foliage and seven-lobed.

* Acer, Atropurpureum disectum (Cut Leaf Japan Maple)

-- One of the most striking of the Japanese varieties; dwarf and weeping. The leaves are rose color when young, changing to deep purple as they become older. They are delicately cut, giving them a fern like appearance.

* Acer, Palmatum

-- A strong growing variety with broad, light-green foliage.

* Acer, Palmatumaureum

-- Very dwarf and compact, and one of the hardiest and best. Foliage broad and a large part of Summer. a vivid golden yellow.

* Acer Rosio Pictis (Cut Leaved Variegated Japan Maple).

-- Dwarf; most delicately formed of all; foliage deeply and finely cut like lace.