Plant and cultivate the same as Raspberries.

We have fruited it for a number of years. It is a very interesting fruit, belonging to the Raspberry family, and is a splendid grower; hardy and very prolific. The canes are covered with purplish red hair: The fruit is borne in clusters and each berry is at first tightly enveloped by a large calyx, forming a sort of burr, which is also covered with purplish red hair so thickly as to present the appearance of moss rose buds. When the fruit matures, this bud pops open and displays the fruit. In color it is a bright red, and the plant is beautiful and really an ornamental bush, that could be grown in the lawn, where it would produce delightful fine flavored fruit, besides giving a pleasing effect in beautifying the home grounds. The bushes are very productive, the fruit ripening after the late red Raspberries. Commands a higher price in the market than most Red Raspberries; in fact we have made several tests of it in several markets with results that surpassed our expectations. This is one of the finest breakfast fruits we have ever eaten, just acid enough to be sprightly and of high quality; valuable for all purposes.