Japan Walnut (Sieboldiana)

-- A native of the mountains of Japan. An extremely hardy, vigorous grower, bears young, very productive.

* Japan Walnut (Cordiformis)

-- Differs from Sieboldiana in form. The nuts are broad, pointed and flattened. The Japan Walnuts are valuable for both their fine fruit and shade.

* English Walnut

-- It is a profitable tree to plant, as it produces large crops of excellent nuts, and the large quantities of ripe nuts that are annually imported and sold here, prove the estimation in which they are held for the table.

* English Filbert, or Hazlenut

-- Nut nearly round, rich and of excellent flavor, admired for dessert. Superior to our native Hazlenut. In every way the nuts are larger, fully as good in flavor. The trees are good strong growers, come into bearing a short time after being planted and are annual productive fruiters.