Nut tree planting has become very popular of late. We have been importing annually over two million dollars worth of nuts that we have learned of late years can be grown just as easily in our own country. The tree should be planted, pruned and cultivated much the same as we treat our fruit trees. Varieties like the Paragon and Numbo chestnuts will come into hearing the second year after being planted, The fruit is very large and of the best quality. The Chestnut, Walnut and Hickories should be planted twenty five feet apart; The Filberts fifteen feet apart. The writer grows these nuts in the orchard with his Apples, Peaches, Pears and Plums and has had a very pleasant and satisfactory experience with them. From top grafted trees two years planted we have had twenty five to forty large burrs of fruit which nearly all matured. This immense productiveness increases as the trees grow older. They are at once both valuable and ornamental and should be in every fruit garden. The varieties that gave us such early and astonishing good results are Paragon, Numbo and Success. These were of course grown in rather a limited way. We are only recommending these nuts for the private garden and in a small way. We have not had a large and finished experience with them and cannot advise them in a large way for market purposes. Nut growing for profit is of itself quite a specialty and as a matter of fact must be the result of years of experience and experimenting; then, in this particular branch of horticulture very much depends on the man and his careful attention to many little details which must be attended to at the proper time to insure success. In a word, one must have a special liking for this work; then too, much depends on the territory, the land and exposure. Most any land that is not cold or too wet will answer for the growing of these nuts. They have done best with us, however on a clay loam. It is always best to plant the trees rather than the nuts, which will not reproduce themselves. There is. quite an extended list of varieties and we make a selection of what we believe to be the best, all things considered.