This class of roses can be wintered safely. All that is necessary is to give them the same protection as the Hardy Hybrids.

The Tea Rose may be well taken as a synonym for all that is delicately beautiful. What refinement of color, what subdued yet powerful fragrance do they possess! They may justly be called the sweetest of all roses. The flowers, many of them, are large and very delicate in their shades of colors, such as white, straw, salmon and various tints of rose combined with these. While as a rule they are inferior to the Hybrid Perpetuals in brilliancy of color and fullness of flower, the distinction between the varieties is equally marked, and for bouquets and cut flowers they greatly excel all other classes. Like other tender roses their flowers improve in quality as the season advances, and reach perfection in Autumn. In judging the merits of a Tea Rose we do not always consider fullness of flowers a requisite. A Hybrid Perpetual is nothing if not at least moderately full, but some of our most valued Teas have but few petals, and are comparatively single.

* Clothilde Soupert

-- Medium size; very double and beautifully imbricated like an aster; produced in clusters; nearly white with rosy lake centers; of easy culture. One of the most valuable of recent introduction.

* Meteor

-- Rich, dark, velvety crimson, retaining its color well; a constant bloomer, healthy, with no tendency to mildew; admirable for forcing.

* Bride

-- A sport from Catharine Mermet. Pure white, large, fine form, very fragrant, free bloomer, admirably adapted for forcing.

* Bridesmaid

-- A new sort which has proved a valuable acquisition; it is a sport of Mermet and is similar to that admirable variety in every respect, save in color, it being a deeper and clearer pink. There is no question as to the value of this introduction.

* Catherine Mermet

-- Bright flesh color, with the same peculiar silvery lustre possessed by La France; large, full, and of beautiful form; when the flowers expand they yield a delightful perfume; decidedly one of the finest Teas.

* Kaiserin Augusta

-- An extra fine white variety faintly blended with cream color; very large, full and double, almost perfect in form and it continues beautiful even when fully expanded. Its fragrance is a combination of tea and magnolia, and is very delightful and distinct from that of any other variety. Beautiful glossy foliage; a vigorous grower and very free flowering, blooming at every shoot.

* White Maman Cochet

-- A sport from that grand sort, Maman Cochet, with which it is identical in every respect but color. It is a beautiful snow white, sometimes tinged with the faintest of blush. An extraordinary rose.

* Perle des Jardins

-- Clear yellow, free bloomer, very fragrant, one of the best of the Teas.