Twenty feet apart each way, is the right distance for the Standard Pear Trees. They are often planted in the orchard in connection with the small fruits like strawberries currants, gooseberries, raspberries and blackberries, using the surplus ground for the production of these fruits for several years, until the Pear Orchard is well established and into bearing then, of course, it is your privilege to use this ground for the growing of vegetables like potatoes, beets and the like, but in no case plant within five feet of the trees. If you see signs of the leaf blight, spray for it at once with the Bordeaux mixture. As soon as you observe the first symptoms of fire blight, cut off the part thus affected at once, and burn it.

* The Varieties of Pears

-- These we will put under three separate headings, namely: Summer, Autumn and Winter. Those especially mentioned for home use are of the highest quality; those named for commercial purposes are selected with a view to market considerations and profit. Then it is fortunate that we have many splendid, all round varieties that are equally go,pd for all purposes. When this is the fact it will be so stated; like apples, there is an almost endless list of varieties, fully ninety per cent. of them having no practical value. Such a collection of different sorts tend only to confuse the prospective planter and is a source of annoyance to the well informed and experienced horticulturist. My purpose from the beginning has been to select the best and most reliable varieties, all things considered, and I shall not deviate from this intention.