Probably no fruit has grown as much in importance for several years as the Pear. It is now considered quite as necessary a fruit as the apple; it is right that it should be so, too, for it is a grand, luscious fruit. With judicious selection of varieties we can have the Pear for eating purposes from the first of August, until the following March, and as a canned fruit, for the entire year. The Pear is grown largely and profitably for commercial purposes. Many large and successful fruit growers make a specialty of this excellent fruit. There is always a good demand for choice fruit of high quality which always brings remunerative prices, even when there may be a glut in the market. Pears will succeed on any ground that will produce good crops of vegetables or grain, a strong loam being preferable. The preparation of the ground, planting and other particulars are already explained in the beginning of this book. It is important that the fruit be thinned when about one-third grown, having the samples on the trees five to six inches apart. This is very essential for fine, choice Pears. Then another quite important point in the management of this fruit, is to gather them at the proper time. The fruit of the summer and autumn varieties should be gathered ten days before ripening and placed in a dark, cool place, where they will become juicy and. melting, and acquire a delicious aroma and fine flavor. The fruit of the Winter Varieties should be left on the trees as long as they keep their hold, until the leaves begin to drop from the trees. They should then be gathered and stored in some cool place. Pears handled and ripened in this way are a most delicious and health imparting fruit. Many people with impaired health, and those with stomach troubles who cannot eat apples and other acid fruits, will find a valuable substitute in the Pear. We know this to be so from many experiences. This fruit has valuable medicinal properties. The trees need liberal feeding and cultivation for the best results. These matters have been explained in detail in the opening chapter.