We want to advise the use of the Clovers as enrichers of the soil. We have found nothing so valuable to "bring up" worn out lands. Where one has an impoverished piece of ground that is needed for fruit culture or in fact for any crop, he can plow the ground during the months of July or August, harrow it thoroughly and with a top dressing of stable manure, wood ashes or a commercial fertilizer, seed it down with clover, firming the seed in the soil with the use of the roller. Under ordinary circumstances this clover will make a growth of ten to twelve inches in height before the end of the growing season. It can be plowed under in the late fall or early spring. This crop will add large quantities of humus and nitrogen to your land. This is decidedly the best and most economical way to enrich your soil and bring it up to the highest state of fertility. It is desirable and at all times beneficial to use the clovers as a cover crop between your fruits during the winter months. We practice this method ourselves and recommend it to all, especially among the tree fruits, as well as for Currants, Gooseberries, Raspberries and Blackberries. This winter mulch or covering of clover should of course be plowed under in the early spring. The Crimson Clover is the most valuable plant to use for the purposes heretofore named. It does not succeed i~ all cold climates, however, but where it fails you will almost invariably find the Red Clover a valuable substitute. With the judicious employment of these Clovers we are enabled to get the largest and cleanest crops and keep our ground quite fresh and new at all times.