Plant your trees in the Spring as early as possible -- the earlier the better after you can get your ground in proper condition for tilling or preparing the soil. You cannot do this work too early, but can easily defer it until it is too late for best results. You can plant any time during the months of March and April, and even along in the month of May when the season is late and the stock in dormant condition. Trees may also be planted to good advantage during the Fall months, any time from October 15th until the ground freezes is a good time for this work. For several years past Fall planting has been practiced quite generally. The writer has been one of its strongest advocates, and has recommended it; in fact, has planted the greater percentage of his own trees at this season of the year, and always with satisfactory results. We do not wish to say that in all cases Fall is a better time to plant than the Spring, but it is just as good a time when other conditions are equal. We do say, however, that in the majority of cases which have come under our observation, that the Fall is positively the best time. We know from many years experience that the tiller of the soil has more time at this season to prepare his ground and do his planting than in the Spring, consequently the work will be better done. Your planting of trees should not be postponed a single day; delays along these lines are dangerous. Our advice is to always plant at the earliest possible moment. When trees are planted in the Fall it is always advisable and beneficial to "mound up" the soil about the body of the tree. This "bank of soil" should be twelve inches high, and will prevent the young trees from swaying backwards and forwards during the winter months, besides it will serve as a partial protection from the barking of the trees by field mice and other rodents. This is much better and less expensive than the old practice of staking the trees. This mound of soil must, of course, be leveled down in the spring and need not be repeated after the trees have made a season's growth and the roots have taken hold of the soil.