These handsome Ramonas or Rugosa Roses still maintain the prestige to which their admirable qualities entitle them. They are rapid growers of neat, uniform, compact and sturdy habit, attaining a height of 5 to 6 feet; perfectly hardy. The foliage exhibits a mass of dense, luxuriant, glossy green. The flowers are large and single; perfect form and color; produced continuously throughout the season and until late in the autumn and as they mature, are replaced by small glossy, golden and red haws; they possess a character all their own and are of valuable assistance to the landscaper. By their use he is enabled to make unsightly nooks and corners beautiful. A very important characteristic they possess is that of being free from the attacks of rose insects.

* Rugosa Alba

-- A species from Japan. Single pure white flowers, of five petals; highly scented; golden fruit.

* Rugosa Rubra

-- Japan variety. Flowers single, of a most beautiful bright rosy crimson, succee4ed by large berries, of a rich rosy red color, and are a great addition to the ornamental character of the plant.