Erosions or irregular wounds on leaves are caused by large numbers of grubs and caterpillars and other insects, such as earwigs, as well as slugs, snails, and other animals; but it must by no means be assumed that all marginal leaf wounds, for instance, are caused by animals, since many fungi which rot the tissues, as explained below (p. 208), also cause such erosions, the putrescent parts falling out - eg. the Potato disease.

Skeleton Leaves - Natural Plant Wounds

Skeleton leaves frequently result from the ravages of caterpillars, which leave the coarser ribs and veins untouched, but much finer skeletons with the minute veins almost intact may be found on plants infested with certain insects - e.g. Selandria on Cherries. Skeletonised patches on Cherry leaves, often pink or brown-pink, are eaten out by this grub.