The scab disease, or freckle as it is often called, occurs on stone-fruits other, than the apricot. In fact it affects the peach very commonly. Black scab spots are produced on the fruits and pale - gray blotches with dark margins are developed on the twigs. The first record of the disease on apricot in California dates back to 1909. While it has attracted some attention in that state, yet it is said to have never been sufficiently troublesome to warrant treatment. It has been found abundantly in Connecticut and Texas. (Fuller discussion under Peach, page 294.)

Reference On Scab

Heald, F. D. Report of committee on fungus diseases for 1911. Apricot scab or freckle (Cladosporium oarpophilum Theum). Texas Agr. Dept. Bul. 22: 159 - 160. 1911.