Here we have another of the "odd matters" connected with fruit which so often lead to disaster. It would be interesting, if it were not so disquieting, for each reader to recall the number of instances which he has seen of wired attachments eating into the wood, causing great, gouty swellings, and often leading to the collapse of branches. It seems to be inevitable with many fruit growers that when they twist a piece of wire round a shoot to hold a label they should assume that as the branch thickens the wire will obligingly become elastic. Anyway, they make a loop that fits close even when the branch is quite small. There is no necessity for circling the branch at all, for the label may be attached by means of a piece of soft zinc wire bent into a hook at one end. Or a coil of zinc may be used. Zinc labels of various shapes and sizes may be bought from seedsmen, with a small bottle of metallic ink, and these are tolerably lasting; but, as pointed out, a bad system of attachment is disastrous, Whatever the labelling system may be, I strongly advocate a plan of the fruit plot being made and put away for reference if required. The shape of the ground can be roughly sketched, and the position of each tree marked, with its name, so that if the label is lost there is something to fall back upon.

Fig. 101. Labels For Fruit Trees
Fig. 101. Labels For Fruit Trees


A, "taper" zinc label, 6 or 7 inches long and 1 inch to 1 1/2 inches wide at one end for writing on. The strip tapers to a point, or nearly so, at the other end, for coiling round a branch, as shown.

B, Wright's "safety coil label," so called from being introduced to notice by Mr. John Wright, in the Fruit Grower's Guide, Vol. I. It is cut out of zinc, the tablets being easily attached, as shown, and they cannot possibly "eat in."

C, zinc label, 2 3/4 inches long, 1 inch wide, very serviceable when attached to a branch of a tree with lead wire coiled, not tied, or a zinc attachment to uncoil with the swelling of the branch. In the instance represented the label was attached by iron wire, and ruined the branch,

D, Stratford Fruit Tree Label, made of metal with raised letters, as shown, attached by galvanised S shaped hook. The label is not expensive, and lasts as long as the tree. The Acme label is similar.

E, Harry's Ideal Label, which can be used either as a hanging or stem label, size 2 1/2 by inches, or in larger sizes as required, the stem being about 14 inches long. The hanging attachment shown in the illustration is most desirable.