It is rarely that a large collection of Apricots is grown; indeed, the fruit is not often represented by more than three or four varieties, even in large gardens. This state of affairs affords a great contrast to that connected with Apples, Pears, and Peaches.

A narrow field of selection has its advantages; it saves the beginner a great deal of weary plodding through long lists of selections by experts, all of which are the best, yet all different from each other!

The Best Apricots

The following list comprises most of the best Apricots, and affords material for several good selections:

Blenheim (Shipley's).


Early Moorpark.

Frogmore Early.



Large Early.


Oullins' Early Peach.

Powell's Late.

Here we have ten varieties of Apricots. I can hardly imagine anyone requiring so many, and I will therefore sift them:

Three Apricots for walls. Large Early. Moorpark. Powell's Late.

Two Apricots for exposed places. Breda. Blenheim.

One Apricots for an amateur. Early Moorpark.