12 Pears Of Very Fine Flavour

Beurre Superfin.

Beurre d'Aremberg.

Doyenne du Comice.

Gansel's Bergamot.


Josephine de Malines.

Knight's Monarch.

Marechal de Cour.

Marguerite Marrillat.

Marie Louise.



Marie Louise and Marechal de Cour will not thrive in cold places.

Pears Suitable For Cordons, With Their Seasons

July. Citron des Carmes.

August. Beurre Giffard. Jargonelle.

August and September. Marguerite Marrillat. Souvenir du Congres. Williams's Bon Chretien.

Fig. 42. Pear Williams's Bon Chretien.
Fig. 42. Pear Williams'S Bon Chretien

September. Beurre d'Amanlis. Clapp's Favourite, Doyenne Boussoch. Madame Treyve.

Fig. 38. Pear Doyenne Boussoch.
Fig. 38. Pear Doyenne Boussoch

September and October. Beurre Superfin. Fondanted' Automne.

October. Beurre Capiaumont. Beurre Hardy. Emile d'Heyst. Jersey Gratioli. Louise Bonne of Jersey. Seckle.

October and November. Beurre Diel. Conference. Doyenne du Comice. Durondeau. Gansel's Bergamot. Marechal de Cour. Marie Louise. Pitmaston Duchess.

Fig. 41. Pear Marie Louise.
Fig. 41. Pear Marie Louise

November. Beurre Clairgeau. Thompson's. Van Mons' Leon Leclercq.

November and December. Passe Colmar. Triomphe de Jodoigne.

November to January. Hacon's Incomparable.

November to February. Winter Nelis.

November to March. Chaumontel.

December and January. Glou Moreau. Knight's Monarch, Zephirin Gregoire.

December to February. General Todleben. Marie Benoist.

January and February. Josephine de Malines.

January to April. Bergamotte Esperen. Easter Beurre. Nec Plus Meuris.

February and March. Nouvelle Falvie. Ollivier de Serres.

The Best Pear Grown

Doyenne du Comice.

Pears For Stewing

A large number of pears not specially grown for the purpose may be stewed if they do not ripen, but of the recognised varieties the following are the best:-

October. Grosse Calebasse.

January and later. Uvedale's St. Germains.

January, and perhaps a year afterwards. Catillac.

Hardy Pears Suitable For Standards


Beurre Capiauinont.




Jersey Gratioli.


Louise Bonne of Jersey

Some Of The Best Market Pears


Beurre Clairgeau.

Beurre Capiaumont.






Pitmaston Duchess.