Gooseberry Enemies

Sawfly (Nematus Ribesi)

This too familiar enemy only wants to be left alone to strip the bushes. I have seen them leafless by the middle of summer. Eggs are deposited on the leaves in spring, and the caterpillar soon hatches. Its green, black dotted, ravenous body is known to nearly every Gooseberry grower. (1) Dustings with white Hellebore powder are good, but this poisonous substance is sometimes used in a dangerously reckless way. Put a little in the palm of the hand, place the latter beneath the bush, and give a sharp jerk upwards. Syringe vigorously a day or two afterwards. (2) Mix 1/4 lb. each of soda and salt in 2 gallons of hot water and syringe on. (3) Dust with black pepper. (4) Skim off and char the surface soil or dress it with weathered gas lime. (5) Dust with soot while the leaves are dewy.

Magpie Moth

See "Currants."

Red Spider

See "General Enemies."

Nut Tree Enemies

Weevil (Balaninus Nucum)

This weevil, boring a hole in the shell when the nut is young, lays an egg from which a maggot hatches, and the latter feeds on the kernel, afterwards making its way to the soil. (1) If possible, avoid contiguity to Hazel clumps. The worst attack I have seen was near a copse full of Hazel. The weevil flies from one to the other. (2) Sprinkle lime beneath the bushes.