Peach Blister (Exoascus Deformans)

A fungus, which rarely gives trouble except when the plants have been subjected to sharp winds. An east wind blowing through an open ventilator will often cause a certain area of an otherwise healthy tree to become affected by the reddish swellings. (1) Avoid draughts, sharp wind, or cold air. "Without this no treatment will avail. (2) If the disease appears gradually remove the worst affected leaves and encourage fresh growth. Spray with No. 7 or 8.


See "Raspberries."

Black Fly

See "Aphides."

Cracking Of Fears

See "Scab."


See preceding remarks.


See "Cherry."

Winter Moth

See "Apple."

Lackey Moth

See "Apple."

Plum Aphis (Aphis Pruni)

A very prolific and troublesome pest. Eggs are laid in myriads in autumn, judging by the fact that I have found ring upon ring of them laid round the spurs and about the tips of the young shoots in November and onwards. (1) Late pruning clears off vast quantities if the shoots are burnt. (2) See also Aphides. The quassia solution, No. 4, is good.