Green Chafer

It has happened, not infrequently, that large grubs have been brought to me as cockchafers, and charged with attacking Strawberry blossom, from which they are alleged to have eaten the organs of fructification. I have never known the cockchafer do this; he is a troublesome pest to many crops, but usually does his evil work at the roots. The enemy has in each case proved to be the green chafer. Like the cockchafer, he is a powerful fellow and difficult to get rid of. The best chance comes when a new bed is made, as then the ground can be thoroughly forked over and cleansed. As a temporary measure, raking the grubs out and destroying them is the only real remedy.


Large growers often have much cause to complain of loss from mildew. The better the culture the less troublesome the disease - witness the comparatively little damage done in private gardens. I do not wish to infer that large growers are necessarily bad cultivators, but it is obvious that the farmer cannot give such high culture to many acres as the gardener can to a few rods. For remedies see Nos. 7 and 8.