A few remarks about the leading varieties of Grapes may assist anyone who is anxious to make a selection. I take them alphabetically: Alicante, a very useful late black Grape, easy to grow and colouring well. Alnwick Seedling, a handsome black Grape, but a bad setter; leave it alone. Black Hamburgh, the most useful variety grown. It will do well in a cool house, crops and colours well, and has a brisk flavour. Choose it unhesitatingly if only one sort is wanted. Black Muscat or Muscat Hamburgh, a most delicious Grape, but a bad setter. It is one of the varieties which should be left to experienced cultivators. Buckland Sweetwater, a useful white Grape, very frequently selected for a cool bouse. I consider Foster's Seedling rather better. Canon Hall Muscat, a white Grape with immense berries, but a bad setter. Duke of Buccleuch, a large berried white Grape, of very fine appearance when well done. It succeeds better when young rods are trained in for fruiting than when spur pruned. Foster's Seedling, the best all-round white Grape, although not the richest in flavour. It grows, bears, and sets well, and will do in a cool bouse. Gros Colman, perhaps the largest-berried Grape grown, and a good bearer, but difficult to colour unless plenty of heat can be provided at the finishing stage. Gros Guillaume, a variety which produces very large bunches. It is a black Grape, and colours well, but the flavour is commonplace. Gros Maroc, a useful black Grape, cropping well and giving very large berries.

I prefer its flavour to that of Gros Colman, but that is not saying very much. Lady Downes, a very valuable black sort for late keeping, but liable to scald. See remarks on ventilation. Madresfield Court, a delicious black variety, which will do well under cool conditions, but is addicted to cracking. Extensive removals of foliage at one time must be avoided. Mrs. Pince, a black of good flavour, but bad to colour and set. Muscat of Alexandria, a delicious white Grape, which ought to be grown by everybody who can provide a warm house. White Frontignan, a capital cool house Grape. The berries are small, but the flavour is excellent. The following selections of Grapes may be found useful - Varieties for outdoor walls: Miller's Burgundy and Royal Muscadine. Varieties for cool vineries: Black Hamburgh, Foster's Seedling, Madresfield Court, and White Frontignan. Choose the first pair if only two are wanted. Varieties for early forcing: Black Hamburgh, Foster's Seedling, and White Frontignan. Varieties for late use: Alicante and Lady Downe's.