Gailey. - Form oblong-conical, sharp at the apex; size small; surface dull red, pebbled; flesh meaty, firm, and juicy; flavor pleasant.

This variety regularly produces staminate flowers every year, and is recommended for planting as a pollinizer in conjunction with the larger- and better-fruited sorts. One tree of Gailey should be planted to seven or eight of other varieties except Tane-nashi.

Hyakume. - Form roundish oblong to roundish oblate, always somewhat flattened at both ends; size large to very large, length 2 3/4 inches, thickness 3 1/8 inches; surface light buff-yellow, marked with rings and veins near the apex; flesh dark brown, crisp and meaty; flavor sweet, not astringent even while the fruit is still hard. Ripens midseason.

The tree is vigorous and productive, but never produces staminate flowers in Florida. One of the standard commercial varieties in California.

Okame. - Form roundish oblate, with well-defined quarter-marks, and the apex not depressed; size large, length 2 3/8 inches, thickness 3 1/8 inches; surface orange-yellow, changing to brilliant carmine, with a thin bloom which gives it a waxy translucent appearance; flesh light colored, brownish around the seeds, of which there are several; flavor astringent until the fruit begins to ripen, when it becomes sweet and pleasant. Ripens rather early.

The tree is vigorous in growth and a good bearer. It bears staminate flowers sporadically in Florida. The fruit is excellent in quality.

Yeddo-ichi. - Form oblate; size large, length 2 1/2 inches, thickness 3 inches; surface smooth or undulating, dark orange-red, and covered with a distinct bloom; flesh dark brown, tinged purplish; flavor sweet and rich, not astringent even while the fruit is still hard.

A fruit of excellent quality.

Yemon. - Form oblate, somewhat four-angled; size large, length 2 1/4 inches, thickness 3 1/4 inches; surface light yellow, changing to reddish and mottled with orange-yellow; flesh dull red-brown, except in occasional light-fleshed specimens; few-seeded or seedless; flavor sweet and pleasant after the fruit begins to soften.

A fruit of excellent quality.

Zengi. - Form round or roundish oblate; size small, length 1 3/4 inches, thickness 2\ inches; surface yellowish red; flesh dark-colored; flavor sweet, even in the unripe fruit; seeds present. Ripens very early.

The tree is vigorous in growth and prolific in fruiting.