Since the litchi has been propagated vegetatively from ancient times, it is natural that many horticultural varieties should be grown at the present day. Most of these, however, are unknown to the western world. Recently they have been studied by Groff, and it is to be hoped that the best will be brought to light, and their successful introduction into the American tropics realized.

The variety Loh mai chi is said to be one of the best in the world. It is grown in the vicinity of Canton. Haak ip is another Canton litchi said to be choice. All together thirty or forty kinds are reported from this region, some of them being particularly adapted for drying, others for eating fresh, and so on.

The varieties cultivated in India are not in all instances clearly distinguished. The best known is Bedana (meaning seedless), a medium-sized fruit in which the seed is small and shriveled. Probably several distinct sorts are known by this name. McLean's, Dudhia, China, and Rose are other varietal names which appear in the lists of Indian nurserymen.