"There are divine things well envelop'd,

I swear to you there are divine things more beautiful than words can tell."

The raising of seedlings of any plant is always interesting, because it is from seed that most new varieties are obtained; therefore the amateur has a chance, provided he is growing a good strain, of obtaining some new colour or form. The question of what sort of seed it is best to sow is one of the first to present itself, but it cannot be decided satisfactorily until the grower has a clear idea as to what object the plants are intended to serve. If the plants are wanted to form a mixed bed of Pansies or to dot along a mixed border, the best Fancy Pansy seed obtainable should be sown. If they are needed for beds of one colour or for lines of one colour, Violas should certainly be chosen, and all the leading seed merchants make a speciality of supplying seed in different colours. In the purchasing of Pansy or Viola seed, always avoid what is cheap, otherwise all the labour and care is likely to end in disappointment. The best Pansies and Violas do not seed freely, and therefore the best seed can never be plentiful.