"He saw her charming, but he saw not half

The charms her downcast modesty conceal'd."

The fifty Violas enumerated below are large-flowered and mostly long-stemmed varieties suitable for exhibition; also for growing to obtain good flowers for cutting for other purposes: -

A. S. Frater, a large, cream-white flower, rayless, with a distinct margin of rich mauve.

*Agnes Kay, white centre, almost rayless, edged with heliotrope.

*Archd. Grant, rich, indigo-blue flowers on fine, long foot-stalks.

Belfast Gem, smoky heliotrope on cream ground; rayed. Bethea, large, pure-white rayed flower.

Blanche, large, creamy-white flower; rayless.

Bronze Kintore, a dark-bronze coloured flower.

Cheshire Creamy pure cream self; almost rayless.

Cream King, rayless, cream-coloured flower.

Daisy Grieve, pale yellow, petals crimped at the edge.

Dr. M'Farlane, upper petals mauve, under petals very dark, with a white eye.

*Duke of Argyle, glossy-purple, striped with rose.

Ethel M'Culloch, lower petals, very dark - almost black; top petals, bright, azure-blue.

*Geo. C. Murray, smooth black bottom and side petals; top petals light, sky-blue.

*General Baden-Powell, large, orange-coloured, rayless self.

*Glencoe, lower petals rich mahogany, deepening towards the centre; upper petals copper colour.

Hector M'Donald, pure white centre, with fine rays, edged with a broad margin of bluish purple.

Helen Paul, a rayless yellow flower of immense size.

*Helen Smellie, pure white centre without rays, distinctly and evenly edged blue.

*Hugh Reid, rosy purple, a shade lighter on the top petals.

Jenny M'Gregor, violet, shaded with mauve; a new colour.

Jennie Houston, maroon shading to grey.

Jessie Baker, rayless, creamy-white, bordered with plum purple.

*Kate Cochrane, lower petals crimson purple, with a trace of lavender; upper petals pale lavender.

Katie Cuthbertson, white, slightly flushed with clear pink, centre of flower gradually deepening to rich pinkish purple.

Plate 6. Four Shades Of Blue Violas

Plate 6. Four Shades Of Blue Violas

Top: Maggie Mott, Archd. Grant.

Bottom: Admiral of the Blues, Jenny M'Gregor.

*Kate Houston, white ground, heavily belted with rosy mauve.

*Lady Knox, large primrose self; rayless.

*Lawmuir, rich crimson streaked with magenta.

*Lizzie Storer, glossy black under petals, each tipped with lavender; upper petals clear lavender.

Lollie Roberts, white, rayless centre, beautifully bordered with purple-lilac.

*Louie Granger, rose-coloured self.

*Mad. A. Gray, large white; rayless.

*Madge Craig, lower petals deep rose, a little darker in centre; upper petals lavender flushed with rose.

Maggie Mott, soft mauve.

*Mary Burnie, creamy-white or primrose, edged with dark heliotrope; rayless.

Matthew Alexander, rosy ground striped with purple.

*Mrs. Chichester, white ground, flaked and edged with purple.

*Mrs. C. M'Phail, heliotrope deepening to pale purple.

*Mrs. H. Pearce, large, pure-white, rayless self.

Mrs. J. H. Rowland, distinct shade of rose colour.

Nancy Marsh, deep violet, tipped with bluish mauve; upper petals mauve.

Neidpath Castle, under petals milky white; top petals lavender.

*Nellie Chapman, white, edged and shaded with blue.

Nellie Vine, large beautiful primrose self.

Nora Marrows, upper petals blush pink; lower petals yellow; slightly rayed.

*Rose Noble, rich orange-yellow; rayless.

Snowflake, a perfectly pure-white, rayless flower.

*Viola Stirling, creamy-white, edged with heliotrope.

*W. P. A. Smyth, cream ground clouded and edged with heliotrope, very large.

Wm. Lockwood, a large, rayless, yellow self.

* An asterisk is placed at twenty-four distinct varieties, which would form a good beginning for any grower, and a fine basis for a larger collection.