To mention pests, undoubtedly one of the worst is Red Spider. Out-of-doors, it is most prevalent when the plants are cultivated in hungry, dry soils exposed to sun shine, or so placed that the plants fail to get sufficient moisture. In frames the same pest abounds if much fire heat is used or the matter of ventilation is treated with carelessness. It will soon spread if drought is present. A little sulphur applied as a powder, or mixed with water and syringed on the plants, will usually check the pest, provided the general conditions are what they ought to be. If aphides or green-fly appears in frames they should be treated with occasional vapourings with one of the nicotine compounds. Wire-worms are very destructive if these are present in the loam. In addition to these pests there is the slug, which feeds most voraciously upon the tender young leaves if allowed to have its own way; therefore traps must be set, and in addition this pest must be hunted for at night with a good lamp.