The selection given below includes thirty-six named varieties representative of the different classes and sections:

Dark Selfs

Alex. Black.

Allan Stewart.

J. T. Howard.

Leslie Melville.

Wm. Fulton.

W. M'Queen.

Primrose Selfs

Allan Primrose.

Annie D. Lister.

Gladys Murray.

John Kidd.

Jane Stirling.

Lizzie Paul.

Yellow Grounds

Busby Beauty.

Claud Hamilton.

Dr. J. K. Campbell.

James Craik.

James Harvey.

Morning Star.

White Selfs

Busby White.

Jane Grant.

Jeannie Carswell.

Mrs. W. Peacock.

Mrs. C. Kay.

Mrs. John Neil.

Yellow Selfs

Busby Yellow.

Charles Fraser.

James Bell.

John Henderson.


Mrs. John Hunter.

White Grounds

Helen Smellie.

Miss Silver.

Mrs. Cuthbertson.

Mrs. A. Ollar.

Mrs. A. Ireland.

Mrs. M. Stewart.

Like the old Florist's Tulip, the Stage Carnation and Auricula, and the Florist's Pink, the Show Pansy is only now grown by a few enthusiasts.