At the end of the flowering season of 1908 the old growths were cut away and the beds were top-dressed with a little old manure. After passing through the winter of 1908-9, the following varieties were found to show up best in the summer of 1909: -

White. - Snowflake, a beautiful, pure white, rayless flower of excellent substance, and a strong grower.

Seagull, a charming, rayless flower of fine form, the plant being compact and rather dwarf.

Peace, similar in form and habit to Seagull, but shows a lavender shading in continued damp weather; rayless.

Sylvia (Dr. Stuart's), a fine rayless, creamy-white variety.

White Empress, a large-flowered, rather tall-growing, cream-coloured variety; rayless.

Pencaitland, white, with yellow blotch and rays, dwarf in habit, and very effective as a bedder.

Yellow. - Kingcup, a clear yellow, rayless flower of rather tall growth.

Royal Sovereign, dwarfer than Kingcup, golden yellow; rayless.

Redbraes Yellow, a splendid variety of medium habit; rayless.

Mrs. E. A. Cade, a fine flower medium in shade and habit; rayless.

Bullion, very bright and dwarf, early in blooming; rayed.

Walter Welsh, a tall, deep-coloured rayed variety; excellent for a back row in a bed of Violas.

Primrose. - Primrose Dame, a clear primrose colour, rather tall, rayless, a most effective variety.

Sulphurea, dwarf in habit, very free in flowering; the large flowers are slightly rayed.

Light Blue and Lavender. - Blue Duchess, a distinct variety of a pale-blue shade, rayed like Duchess of Fife, from which variety it is a sport.

Kitty Bell, lavender, hardy and free; rayless.

Florizel, similar in colour to Kitty Bell; rayless.

Wm. Neil, rosy lavender.

Dark Blue. - Blue Rock, a most effective variety, and extremely hardy.

Royal Scot, similar, in a mass, to Blue Rock, but not such a fine flower.

Archibald Grant, deepest violet, a strong grower, rather late in blooming.

Edina, deep purple violet, with blotch, really a bedding Pansy.

Crimson Purple. - Jubilee proved to be the hardiest of the crimson-purple varieties; it is medium in height, and most floriferous.