De Parme. - This is of pale lavender - purple, and specially suited for frame culture. It flowers earlier than Neapolitan.

King of Violets. - This flower lacks refinement, and should only be cultivated out-of-doors. The colour is deep indigo-blue.

Lady Hume Campbell. - One of the very best late-flowering kinds.

Marie Louise. - One of the most popular of all double Violets. The colour is mauve-blue with a white eye. Two blooms are illustrated in the plate, one lighter and the other richer coloured, owing to details in the cultivation.

Mdlle. Bertha Barron. - This variety is also known as Victoria. The plants are vigorous but of compact growth. The colour is rich blue.

Mrs. J. J. Astor. - In this flower may be seen an approach to a double, pink-coloured Violet. A flower is shown in the plate between two blooms of Marie Louise.

Mrs. Arthur. - A new variety at present considered better than Marie Louise, which it much resembles. A few plants should be given a trial.

Mrs. D'Arcy. - Another new sort with flowers of a distinct shade of mauve.

Neapolitan. - A lavender-coloured flower with white eye. One of the very best for forcing.

New York. - A variety much like Marie Louise, except that the flowers are a shade of mauve.

Best Double White Violet

The best double white Violet is Comte de Brazza, also known as Swanley White. The flowers are very fine, but in some districts the plants show a weakness in constitution. This variety is illustrated in the plate.