With what marvellous patience Lord Penzance must have worked to evolve these from the Sweet Brier, Rosa rubiginosa!

Their first beauty is in early summer, when the lovely single flowers clothe the perfumed pillar of growth from top to bottom; their second in autumn, when the heps have ripened, and taken on brilliant hues.

I have referred to the Penzance Briers under pruning; let me now tell of a few lovely varieties in my collection. Here they are: -

Amy Robsart, pink, a charming variety, very fresh and sweet.

Anne of Geierstein, rose, one of the dwarfest as I have it; very free.

Flora McIvor, pink, a very beautiful Brier.

Lady Penzance, salmon pink (coppery pink by the National list), very early.

Lord Penzance, white, deepening to buff or fawn, very early.

Lucy Ashton, rose, a free, bright, and handsome variety.

Lucy Bertram, rich rose, wonderfully free, the queen of them all.

Meg Merrilies, pink, a very good Brier.

Rose Bradwardine, pink, fragrant and free.

There are others to be had besides these; get them all. Grow them, if no better way presents itself, in a bed, each with a trio of stakes and a square yard of well trenched, well fed ground.