Fig. 43. A House Of Pot Roses

Fig. 43. A House Of Pot Roses

It has been urged against the Rose, by those outside her charmed circle, that she is a short-lived beauty, whose season is gone almost as soon as it comes.

Were this true, Rose worshippers would be Rose worshippers still. They would tell you that an hour with a queen was better far than aeons with a scullerymaid, and keep the flame of their affection strong and pure from one season of flowering to another.

But it is not true. Time was when the reproach carried some weight. We grew little or nothing but Hybrid Perpetuals, and for most of the year they were flowerless, but in these latter days a host of lovely Teas and Hybrid Teas have sprung into being, which bloom unweariedly for months together.

Moreover, the culture of Roses in pots has extended, and so we find that we can get Roses in winter and in spring, in summer and in autumn.

Every large establishment ought to have its Rose house, and every greenhouse ought to contain a pot or two of Roses. The culture routine is simple, and a few pretty buds in spring are always welcome.