Are we going to have a Rose Garden, or Roses in the garden? Here is a far-reaching question. Are we lords of ancestral acres, are we South African magnates, have we a million-tons-a-year trade in tea - then will we have a Rose Garden. Are we confidential clerks, are we poor clergy, are we bank cashiers, are we unbriefed barristers, are we sugar dealers in a small way - then will we have Roses in our garden.

And let us straight away recognise that it is in the latter circumstances, and not in the former, that possibilities of Rose distinction lie. Roses of prize-winning potentialities may be grown in our (millionaire's) Rose Garden, but our head gardener will stand sponsor for them at the show, and pocket the prize-money which they win. Roses of prize-winning potentialities may be grown in our (clerical) garden, and we - we ourselves - shall appropriate the glory and the spoil.

In any case, the author's position is plain enough. He is millionaire and clerk by turns. In the former capacity he will plan out a complete Rose Garden; in the latter he will scheme how to work in as many Roses among his other plants as space will allow.

He will include in his purview the following types of Roses: -

1. The Standard Rose.

2. The Dwarf Rose.

3. The Wall or Climbing Rose.

4. The Weeping Rose.

5. The Pegged-down Rose.

6. The Pot Rose.

7. The Arch or Arbour Rose.

8. The Exhibition Rose.

He will prove that each (and all if wished) can be grown in the ordinary garden; and he will show how the various forms may be blended together in one harmonious whole - the Rose Garden proper.

There would be incompleteness in the purview were soils and manures, planting and pruning, propagating and training, potting and showing, varieties and enemies, excluded from it. These also, therefore, must have their share of attention.

In short, the sculpture of our goddess is going to be complete. We are not going to leave her, like the Venus of Milo which we go into ecstasies over in the Louvre, armless. Nor is she going to be, like the Queen of Spain, without legs!