Fig. 23. How To Plant The Rose Maréchal Niel In A Span-Roof House

C, a section of a span-roof house: w, the side walls; x, the side lights, opening the whole length of the house by a crank and lever apparatus; y, the roof; z, a cap ventilator the whole length of the house, worked by a crank, pinion, and lever appliance; a, the trellis; b, 4-inch hot-water pipes (flows); c, 4-inch hot-water pipes (returns); d, a 3-inch drain; e, the rubble for drainage; f the border; g, 9-inch brick pillars, about 9 feet apart, for supporting the hot-water pipes; k, batten paths, formed of 2-inch bearers about 3 feet apart, with 1-inch battens, having about 1 inch space between them; i, young specimens of Maréchal Niel Rose properly planted; j, the position for Tea-scented Roses in pots, which should be placed outdoors in summer, or after the first blooms are cut and the young growths made.