Fig. 25. How To Prune The Rose Marechal Neil On The Long-Rod System

F, a plant in its third season's growth: w, the stem; x, the point of the heading or first pruning; y, side branches from which long rods are originated for producing growths one year and flowering the next; z, the point of the second year's pruning, to originate two vigorous shoots from each basal branch; a, strong growths trained to the roof trellis, 2 feet apart (shown closer on account of the depression from the upright to the diagonal position in the drawing), and allowed to reach to the full extent of the trellis or longer, the laterals being pinched to one leaf as made; b, the points of cutting away the rods after they have flowered in the following season; c, the wall plate; d, the eave.

G, a cut-back plant after flowering: e, the stem; f the basal branches; g, stumps left after the branches are cut back to about two buds; h, branches which have flowered and are cut away.