Fig. 3. - Plan OF Rose Garden On Grass And Surroundings. - III

Scale: 1 inch equals 32 feet.

A. centre, four plants of red Climbing Teas, forming a pillar, and arched over so as to form half of four arches, selected from Waltham Climbers Nos. 1, 2, and 3, Reine Olga de Wurtemberg, Reine Marie Henriette, and Cheshunt Hybrid: a, pink Climbing Teas, Princess May, Madame Bérard, Climbing La France, and Madame Alfred Carrière, forming half of the central arches (four); b, yellow Climbing Teas, Gloire de Dijon and Gustave Regis, Noisette, Jaune Desprez, and Aimée Vibert (white), two plants of each forming the respective arches; c, arches.

B, Teas and Hybrid Teas, standards, ranging from 4 feet at the centre to

2 feet at the side of the beds; or dwarfs.

C, Hybrid Perpetuals, standards or dwarfs.

D, dwarf Teas and Hybrid Teas, with, if desired, China and Japanese Roses.

E, dwarf Hybrid Perpetuals, with, if desired, Perpetual Moss, Ile de Bourbon, and Noisette Roses.

F, pillars.

G, standards.

H, gravel paths.

I, a Yew hedge, not allowed to exceed 6 feet in height, or a greater width at the base than 18 inches.

J, Rose bays or Rhododendrons and Azaleas, with Liliums in the spaces.

K, Yucca gloriosa recurvifolia.

L, groups of Conifers brought round to the paths, so as to break the wind Only 4 feet is allowed between the beds, but 6 feet is better.

Fig. 4. Plan Of Rose Garden. IV

Fig. 4. - Plan Of Rose Garden. - IV

Scale: 1 inch equals 32 feet.

A, bower: a, central pillar with seat round; b, arch pillars, up which are trained climbing Roses, continued over the skeleton roof.

B, Teas and Hybrid Teas, dwarfs, fifteen or sixteen to each bed, the outer rows 2 feet from the edge, the plants 3 feet apart.

C, Hybrid Perpetuals, dwarfs. If planted 2 feet from the edge of the bed and 3 feet apart, 62 plants will be wanted to each bed. When planted as dotted more are got in, but the results are not so satisfactory.

D, Climbing Teas or Hybrid Climbing Teas with dwarf Hybrid Teas: c, pillars; d, arches with a place for a seat; e, dwarfs.