Fig. 32. How To Prune The Rose Penzance Briers

A, two years old plant of Penzance Brier Anne of Geierstein: a, one year old growths; b, two years old wood, this being the growth which the plant had when planted, and which was not pruned the first season; c, side branches; d, shoots on side branches spurred or shortened to two buds; e, central branch, to be cut out at the cross bar near f because the shoots above are lank and likely to interfere with the symmetry of the head, and also to concentrate vigour on the parts retained; g, strong shoots long pruned or shortened to firm, thoroughly ripened wood.

B, three years old Penzance Brier Anno of Geieistein (A a year older): h, two years old branches with side shoots spurred or shortened to two buds, and leading growths cut back to sound ripe wood; i, vigorous shoots from the base of the stem shortened to two-thirds of their length or to ripe wood; j. a moderately strong shoot from the stem pruned to six buds from its base; k, a shoot from the stem below ground shortened by one-third of its length; l, three years old branches cut clean away to their junction with the stem, or to a young shoot there situate, as m.