Fig. 33. How To Plant And Prune Rose Hedges. I

A, a year old or seedling Sweet Brier, Rosa rubiginosa: a, tap root; b, side roots; c, collar; d, leading shoot; e, side shoots.

B, a two years old Sweet Brier: f, points of shortening the roots which are damaged in lifting; g, depth of planting; h, point of cutting off the top when it is starting into growth in spring, in order to encourage growths from the collar and secure a good base.

C, planting in a trench, the Briers being 1 foot apart: i, trench taken out by line 9 to 12 inches deep and nearly perpendicular; j, plants with roots properly disposed in the trench; k, soil removed from and afterwards returned to the trench.

D, planting on prepared trenched ground where the soil is solid and clayey: l, drain pipe with proper fall and outlet; m, bottom spit soil broken up with a fork and left there, but mixed with manure; n, second spit soil turned, and decayed manure and gritty matter intermixed; o, top spit soil turned upside down as in digging; p, natural stratum; q, Brier properly planted; r, mulch.