Fig. 45. Roses In Pots. I. Bushes

A, a one year old plant from a bud or graft, showing potting: a, drain age; b, a layer of the rougher parts of the compost; c, soil; d, roots. Pruning: e, points of shortening to two buds when the upper ones on the shoots begin to swell.

B, a two years old plant in the second season after being put into a larger sized pot, the plant being turned out, some of the old soil removed, and the coiled roots widened out: f, drainage; g, rough soil; h, soil; i, space for water; j, shoots pruned to two buds each, not counting the small basal ones; k, growths which have flowered; l, second growths, from which the buds should be removed to prevent a second flowering.

C, bush in the third year's bloom or the second season after potting: m, blooms. Section of pot showing top-dressing when it is not desirable to repot: n, drainage, which must always be seen to and rectified if defective: o, undisturbed soil and roots; p, a top-dressing of rich compost, a corresponding portion of soil having been removed previously; q, space for water.

Note. - Sometimes the one year old plant from the bud has only one shoot, with some second growths. In this case put it into a 6-inch pot, and cut it down to three buds, then in the following season it will make three shoots, and probably flower and produce second growths, as at k, l in A. Shift it into an 8-inch pot, and another year there will be the plant B. In the third year there will be the plant C, either by top-dressing or shifting into a larger pot.