In this we have the greatest of all classes. Its origin is "wropt in mistry." As mentioned in Chapter 4, there has been a great deal of in-and-out cross-breeding, several species, or hybrids between species, having been drawn upon by raisers. Hybrid Perpetuals give us by far the largest proportion of show Roses, and also some of the most valuable of garden Roses. The following selections may be useful: -

Thirty H.P.'s for Exhibition -

Abel Carrière, maroon, shaded purple. Alfred Colomb, rich red.

A. K. Williams, carmine.

Camille Bernardin, light crimson.

Captain Hayward, crimson.

Comte de Raimbaud, purplish crimson.

Duchesse de Morny, silvery.

Duchess of Bedford, crimson.

Duke of Wellington, crimson.

Dupuy Jamain, cerise.

Earl of Dufferin, maroon.

Etienne Levet, carmine.

François Michelon, rose.

Fig. 54. Francois Michelon

Fig. 54. Francois Michelon

Gustave Piganeau, carmine lake.

Helen Keller, rosy cerise.

Fig. 52. Helen Keller

Fig. 52. Helen Keller

Her Majesty, rose.

Horace Vernet, crimson.

Madame Eugene Verdier, rose.

Madame Gabriel Luizet, silvery.

Marchioness of Londonderry, ivory.

Margaret Dickson, white.

Marie Baumann, bright red.

Merveille de Lyon, white.

Mrs. John Laing, pink.

Mrs. R. G. Sharman Crawford, rose.

Prince Arthur, crimson.

Suzanne Marie Rodocanachi, pink.

Tom Wood, brownish red.

Ulrich Brunner, cherry.

Fig. 53. Ulrich Brunner

Fig. 53. Ulrich Brunner

Victor Hugo, crimson.

Twelve Good, Garden H.P. 's -

Baroness Rothschild, pink, scentless.

Charles Lefebvre, scarlet crimson.

John Hopper, rose.

Général Jacqueminot, scarlet crimson.

Jeannie Dickson, silvery rose.

Madame Gabriel Luizet, pink.

Madame Victor Verdier, light crimson.

Merveille de Lyon, white.

Mrs. John Laing, pink.

Prince Camille de Rohan, maroon.

Sénateur Vaisse, crimson.

Ulrich Brunner, cherry.