Fig. 40 will give some very useful information about show boxes, and it may be briefly supplemented. The following table gives the standard sizes: -

Rose Exhibition Boxes

Collections of thirty-six, forty-eight, and seventy-two may, of course, be made up from the foregoing sizes. It will be seen that the boxes are uniform in breadth and height. The lids should be 6 inches high at the back and 8 inches at the front, making a uniform height, when the boxes are closed, of 13 inches. The material used may be 3/4-in. yellow pine painted green.

Perhaps the commonest form of stand is that in which holes are provided for the reception of the tubes. An alternative plan is the employment of laths, which have the advantage that the flowers may be spaced laterally. Moreover, the lath stand is lighter than the other. The laths are fitted lengthwise, and accommodate three parallel rows of flowers. Thick brown paper is spread over them, surfaced with fresh green moss.