Bordeaux Mixture

To prepare Bordeaux Mixture take

2 1/2 lb. of sulphate of copper (bluestone). Dissolve in a little hot water......

2 1/2 lb. of freshly burned lime. Dissolve in cold water ............

1 lb. of agricultural treacle ......


1 lb. of soft soap............

Pour together when cool; stir the treacle or soft soap well in, and make up to 25 gallons with water.


To prepare carbam take

1 oz. of carbonate of copper.

1/2 pint of liquid ammonia...

Dissolve the carbonate of copper in the ammonia, and mix with 10 gallons of water.

Hellebore Powder

This may be procured from chemists or horticultural sundriesmen. It is usually dusted over the bushes in a finely ground state, while they are damp. As a solution, 1 oz. and an equal quantity of size may be dissolved in 1 pint of hot water, and this mixed thoroughly when cold in 1 gallon of water.

Paris Green

This arsenical compound may be prepared as follows: Take

1 oz. of Paris Green paste

2 oz. of soft soap......

20 gallons of water

Mix well, and keep stirred while in use.


To make soaparite take

To make soaparite take