It is scarcely necessary to say that the weather is a very important factor in connection with Rose showing. What does it not affect, from great cricket matches to school treats? To grow fine Roses is good, but it is not always enough; they must be at their best at a given time if prizes are to be won.

Heavy showers and blazing sun often cause the young exhibitor anxiety. Rain may dash, damage, and spoil the finest flowers; hot sun may burn the colour out of them. For this reason protectors are necessary. Rosarians frequently contrive their own, and it is on record that when the Rose season approaches one famous exhibitor regularly hies to a railway lost luggage sale and buys up a stock of ancient umbrellas! Something smaller, neater, and less liable to be blown to smithereens by a summer gale is perhaps advisable in a general way.

Zinc caps make excellent protectors. The first cost may be rather greater than that of a paper or cloth cover, but the caps are durable. The cap is provided with a socket, which slides up and down a stake, and is fixed in the required position by small wedges. Care should be taken not to have it so close that the bloom comes into contact with it when moved by the wind.